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Using the Right Cleaning Methods for Upholstery Cleaning

Our team of expert upholstery cleaners in SW1, Pimlico will adjust the techniques used according to the type of material. As a result, we make sure that your furniture gets proper and complete care with no damage whatsoever. After examining the materials, our team will use specific cleaning products that are safe for synthetic and natural fabrics alike. Even more so, that's why it is essential to have a sofa cleaning professional from Pimlico Cleaner inspect the furniture first before applying any cleaning substances on it. We'll also check for the presence of loose dirt, appearance, color fade or discoloration, which may require special treatment methods.

Depending on the fabric type and amount of stains, our upholstery cleaners shall choose either a steam clean or dry clean method to refresh your furniture. A steam clean is usually applied to heavier stained items and it one involves injecting a hot water solution deep into fibers to eliminate dirt particles. It is followed by a vacuum extraction procedure (commonly referred to as hot water extraction) that removes both the moisture and grime deposits. On the other hand, a dry cleaning technique, is often necessary for light staining (e.g ketchup), delicate materials or those that can shrink when exposed to large amounts of moisture. This method uses special solvents and requires a few hours to dry completely afterward.

Our reputable cleaners in Pimlico/SW1 have mastered all aspects of upholstery cleaning and offer an extensive range of services, some of which include extracting odours and allergens, mattress sanitising and stain removal for fabric furniture of all kinds. The best part about our services is that we employ standardised elimination methods using innovative machines from leading manufactures such as Prochem's Revolution machine coupled with eco-friendly detergents that are easy on the environment but superior when it comes to removing stubborn spots and dust mites at once.

The primary benefit of our custom upholstery cleaning is providing maximum hygiene levels in your living spaces since our cleaning agents are strong enough to eliminate most bacteria quite effectively while being gentle enough not to damage the delicate fibers of your furniture. In addition, our service can help reduce physical symptoms caused by inhaling germs and dust particles while keeping leather surfaces fresh and nourished through regular conditioning with suitable creams.

What you get choosing Pimlico Cleaner? You can expect nothing less than perfectionistic standards from our highly trained & certified cleaners who have experience with even delicate materials such as silk fibre or velvet covers! Reach out today if you want improved air quality inside your home & increased life span for furniture! Our operators are available 24/7 for booking via phone Call Now! or through web form on our website so hurry - contact us now & get your upholstery thoroughly cleaned without delay!

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